Doug Webb Portrait

Ghost Ranch Synchrony

Ghost Ranch Synchrony oil on canvas 50x96"

Adam & Eve

detail. 2 etchings from “Fabric of Space & Time” series

Cloud Buddha

detail. Oil on canvas 24x36". From the "Invisible Buddha" series

Revelation of the Heart

detail. oil on canvas 58x70"

Tranquility Base

detail, oil on canvas 30x40". From the Invisible Buddha series

Transparent Landscape

oil on canvas 15x30", 2005

Douglas J. Webb is a painter, musician and visionary artist who lives and works in Santa Fe, NM.
His work looks at the fabric of Human Experience with the multi-layered essence of our perceptions,
thoughts, feelings and archetypes acting as clues to our Being. His path has been one of Awakening
and portraying that Awakening in images, writings, and music, all serving the Radiant Core of the Universe.

about my paintings

Doug Webb's Paintings

Alex Grey and Salvador Dali meet for lunch somewhere in the Southwest might describe my work. While looking at these images, allow your eyes to relax into the space provided, and let the multiple layers of meaning, the hallucinogenic ground, speak to you, below and beyond conscious awareness, in the place of…More

about my music & writing

Doug Webb's Paintings

The Silence Remains is my first album of all original songs. My music has been recorded by many artists, but now you have the opportunity to hear me perform 10 of my songs my own way. My music website is at

My Blog is at this link. I call it “Down to Earth Awakening” because bringing awakening or enlightenment into everyday life is the challenge and call of our time. There are discussions about the Universe and what it is doing, how we fit in, why we may or may not be comfortable here, and other useful ideas that help us all find and live the life we want.