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the time paintings

Doug Webb's Paintings

Alex Grey and Salvador Dali meet for a burrito lunch somewhere in the Southwest might describe my work. While looking at these images, allow your eyes to relax into the space provided, and let the multiple layers of meaning, the hallucinogenic ground, speak to you, below and beyond conscious awareness, in the place of realization. Allow yourself to rest in the image, and something just might speak to you…

The Time paintings are about the contemplation of the nature of time and the choice to participate in events. In A Glass of Time, the wine is the taste of involvement, and the sunset is the fleeting nature of this life.

the “fabric” paintings

Doug Webb's Paintings

The Voluptuous Fabric, one of the three fabrics, Spiritual, Mental and Voluptuous, is the seductive nature of this reality. It is sensual, sexual, but more. It is the involvement in emotions, in survival, in the feeling of existence in the body. It is power, it is evolution in slow inexorable motion, it is spiral, it is trapping, it is moving up like wood in a mortal embrace with itself. We all are involved and we all will eventually evolve “out” and yet we remain interested and we keep the game going, when we could step out any time. It is not evil, it is not good, except on a sensual experiential level, it exists so that the Radiant Core of the Universe may experience through us, the realms of depth “away” from the Absolute.


Doug Webb's Paintings

Southwest landscapes are intriguing. The play of light and the wind-eroded land interact to reveal a “hidden” reality that transcends the objects in the visual field…

invisible budbhas

Doug Webb's Paintings

Between the eyes and ears there lie,
The sounds of color and the light of a sigh.
And to hear the sun, what a thing to believe,
But it's all around if we could but perceive.

—Moody Blues, “The Word”